Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My newest obsession: Box Tops. (God, I'm such a mom)

I can't stop clipping. Since my oldest child entered elementary school two years ago, I've made it a personal goal to donate as many box top to his school as possible. I prefer to buy several store brand products when I am grocery shopping, but those those Box Tops are becoming increasingly hard to pass up.

I wanted to know more about the Box Tops for Education program, and what exactly I was doing to help my kid's school, so I headed over to http://www.boxtops4education.com to see what they had to say:

"With your help, over $300 million has been raised for our schools through the Box Tops for Education program since 1996. All that clipping has resulted in much-needed supplies for over 90,000 schools across the country. Learn how you can raise money for school, and get those earnings even higher. 1 can truly make a difference."

The website lists schools in your area where you can donate... and I am happy to accept any donations you may have. Here are a few products/brands that offer box tops on their packaging:

*Betty Crocker
*Juicy Juice
*Hamburger Helper

Find a complete list of products on the official site. Until then, happy box-topping!


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