Saturday, August 28, 2010

Break a plate or two.

I first heard about the Women's-Only "Frustrating Venting" shop in my August 2010 edition of Marie Claire. The article was so intriguing-- women in northern China can pay to smash used furniture and electronics in an effort to unleash pent up anger over work, relationships, or any other frustrations.

This unique shop is modeled as a home, with everything from a bedroom setup to a living room zone, and more. The gadgets inside have been collected by the shop and are replaced as customers come through. The shop plans to create a kitchen zone eventually. Motorcycle helmets and gloves are provided to avoid injury to the consumer.

This shop is located on the upper floor of a mall in Shenyang, China. A one-minute smashing spree will cost you, but for those who spend a minimum of 36 yaun ($6) in the mall, you can bash for no cost. Pretty rad.


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