Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's hard for me to sit still. I've always been a go-go-go sort of personality, and having kids and a career only seem to ignite my constant need to be doing something. For as long as I can remember, if I wasn't spending every waking moment running an errand or wiping down a counter, I felt completely lazy and unaccomplished. Lately, however, I've been enjoying my weekends a lot more. It feels great to lay in bed watching movies for hours on end, though I still feel pretty guilty afterward.

Today I had the luxury of having a day alone, so I took advantage of the time by getting all of my pre-vacation primping out of the way. I got my nails done, and even treated myself to a pedicure. But it just wouldn't be my life without some kind of kink in the wire, so I mixed things up by fainting in the middle of a hair salon. Oh yes, we're talking standing one minute, and on the floor covered in drinking water the next. What's that, you called 911? Oh FABULOUS, because being sprawled out on this tile isn't humiliating enough, Miss Salon Lady. Fortunately the mortification was the only thing serious about this experience-- I'm just fine. A combination of not eating breakfast (well, eating Twizzlers FOR breakfast) and jumping up too quickly just happens to be the recipe for buckling at the knees.

After that little mishap, I headed to the mall and grabbed a tank top and some panties, and new summer clothes for the kids, then headed home for a much needed nap. My allergies and migraine seemed to be going full force today. When I got up, I packed up the kid's suitcases and airplane packs and did some laundry, so I haven't been a total bum today.

Other than that, I don't have much to share. Tomorrow I have to conclude the packing and get the house in order for our house-sitter. I definitely want the place to be clean and tidy when we get back from our nine-day trip so I don't have to worry about anything but resuming my lazy streak for a few days. Keep an eye out for posts from the islands... I'll try to share some pictures too. Until then, Aloha!


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