Friday, July 30, 2010

It's a nice day for a WHITE WEDDING!

Tomorrow's the big day! The culmination of big events in my July 2010 datebook. Tomorrow is our wedding reception.

Since only nine family members were able to make it over to Maui for the actual wedding, we decided to have a local celebration so we could share the experience with our other friends and family. Our beach ceremony was intimate and elegant, so we opted for a more "fun" theme for this party. The choice was obvious: 80's.

We're talking slap bracelets, cassette tapes, bubblegum cigarettes, and a PacMan AND Mario cake. My husband built a photo backdrop complete with metallic curtains a neon teal background. I created a complete Candy Bar with all of the best vintage candies, and I splatter painted the table cloth that will cover the present table. It's going to be totally rad.


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