Friday, November 18, 2011

Mike the Chicken

I apologize to those who are easily queasy, but this story is too weird not to share. My oldest son is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves reading about useless facts. While checking out his new Guiness World Record book yesterday, he shared with me about Mike the Headless Chicken. Yeah, you heard that right.

We've all heard that a chicken can run around a bit even after it has been decapitated. Strange. Well, back in September 1945, the Olsen's of Fruita, Colorado decided to make a rather plump, 5 month old chicken their evening dinner. Lloyd Olsen was intentional to leave a long neck bone when he made his chop, but what happened next was totally unexpected. The chicken carried on being a chicken, running around and attempting to peck the ground for food. Lloyd found the chicken the next morning, still alive, sleeping with his head under his wing.

That wonderous chicken, later named Mike, went on to live for 18 more months, and grew from 2.5 pounds to 8 pounds. He was able to eat and live a happy chicken life. Don't believe me? I found a website dedicated to this wonderous pet. Get the details of Mike's story HERE.


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