Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday shopping.

I am super proud of myself for committing to Christmas early this year. With threats of bad weather looming, I started, and nearly finished, my holiday shopping in mid-November. When snow hit Thanksgiving week, I was relieved that our Christmas photos were taken, and I could avoid the nasty weather. During that time we set-up the tree, I made our handmade Christmas cards, and we even saw Santa.

The only problem? Black Friday and the deals that follow.

I had already laid my kid's gifts out across my living room, meticulously documenting each gift, and how much it cost on my color-coded Excel spreadsheet (a wonderful tool-- I know who I need to shop for, what I've purchased and for how much, and what still needs to be taken care of). My children were past the point of "spoiled" and didn't need anything else. But I couldn't stop myself! There were jammies and movies at Walmart. Dolls and board games at Target. Don't even get me started on TJ Maxx.

Here's another deal I couldn't pass up, and it's only good TODAY. JCPenney has Disney Princess Dress-up Gowns for $9.99! And with the promo code 4RELVES you can get an additional 20% off (that's only $7.99 each, folks) and use the free Ship-to-Store feature. There are other Wednesday-only deals, too, and trust me... I found them.


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