Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Wake the Dragon and Pizza Party.

I'm nostalgic, to a fault. I love anything and everything I grew up with, or I can somehow link to a childhood or family memory.

Last Christmas I took advantage of the internet and re-purchased an enormous collection of original Polly Pocket compacts and vintage Littlest Pet Shop toys... the first and "better" versions of toys that are still made today, but are far different from the versions I cherished in the 80's. My daughter was thrilled, and we have since often enjoyed my old toys together., Amazon, eBay, and my personal favorite, Craigslist, can help you find and purchase many of your favorite things. A few months ago I bought a DVD with original episodes of Strawberry Shortcake (again, the show from the 80's... not the weird, modern-day computer generated version). Another new favorite of my daughter's. I found my favorite Charlie Brown movie, and of course, my Saved By The Bell collection.

My newest quest is for the 1986 Don't Wake the Dragon and 1987 Pizza Party board games.
I receieved Don't Wake the Dragon for Christmas, and have vivid memories of playing it with my Mom and friends. The premise of the game is to rescue your stolen penguin eggs from the sleeping dragon, Big Snore. Land on an egg space and collect an egg; land on a dragon space and you're forced to shake Big Snore and risk everyone losing the eggs they've collected atop their penguin's hat.

In Pizza Party, each player aims to collect the pizza toppings that match the color of their handle. Occasionally a player will draw a "Switch" card, forcing them to swap pizza slices with an opponet. First to fill their slice, wins.
So far these two board games have been difficult to find, and those in good condition are quite expensive. I look forward to finding these gems while my kids are still young enough to enjoy them with me :)


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