Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My "First" blog entry.

Febuary 18, 2009

The Blog I’ve Always Dreamt Of…
For quite some time, I’ve toyed with the idea of putting some of my intimate and “out”timate thoughts onto an inter-web journaling device of some kind… gifting little “tastes” here and there via social-networking sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Dissatisfied, I have decided to finally give in to my desires and create my very on blog… my gift to you, as potential subscribers, so that you may attempt to experience life in the shoes me, the complex being known as Jessica “Teacher” Stalker (for the time being, anyway). I do hope that you enjoy.

As for now, I am sitting in my bathrobe just after noon on this Wednesday, feeling fabulous about my decision to flee work, but equally not-fabulous about my pancreas and it’s referred pains and annoyances. I am enjoying a not-so-fat-free lunch, much to my ultrasound technician’s dismay, though I’m hoping that because Almonds are a “healthy” snack, maybe they won’t count as being a “fat” food. We soon shall see. For those of you who don’t know, I spent Valentine’s afternoon/eve surrounded by many attractive gentleman; sadly they were more interested in poking me with IV needles and testing devices than anything enjoyable. Who knew that twenty-somethings could experience debilitating chest pains as a result of pancreas and/or gallbladder failure? How naive of me to think that my irresponsible diet and lazy approach to living wouldn’t catch up to me sooner or later. Just goes to show we can’t win ‘em all, right? Anywho, this is just a minor setback in the grand scheme of things and I hope to be back to “me” soon after tomorrow’s ultrasound (followed by a tedious and dreadful 4+ hour district meeting. Lucky, lucky me).

Don’t think, for a moment, that the last few days were a total downer, as that is not the case. The photo below inevitably brought a smile to my face that would cancel out a thousand bouts of pancreatitis. I hope you experience the same results upon viewing.
(Hopefully I’ll figure this html business out soon… until then please click the link)

Please know that this is the first of many treats to come… well, that’s the intention anyway. My point is, I’m excited about this blog… for now. I’m also realistic enough to know that, 1) most novelties lose their spark after awhile, and 2) no one will probably read this, except me, as I reread all of my entries/surveys/etc. But that’s okay; I’m willing to overlook those points for the time being. Here’s to the start of a very beautiful thing.

Well, until we meet again… make good choices! :)

Sincerely yours,


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