Monday, October 15, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Today I am featuring a party I hosted for my son's 9th birthday. Although that was 8-1/2 months ago, I figure it's better late than never! There are a lot of great Angry Bird party resources out there, and I certainly was inspired by lots of the great ideas I found.

My best find was probably these free printable Angry Birds characters from The Party Animal-- I used them to create Angry Bird balloon characters which I hung from my curtain rod, as well as for the colored paper gift bags. Such an awesome find, and these really helped bring the theme to life.

The cake was another awesome addition to the party.  I definitely do NOT claim to be a baker or cake decoration by any means, but I was pretty impressed with my creation.  I stacked round cakes, frosted them, and used peanut butter wafer bars, Swiss Cake rolls and Ding Dongs along with Angry Birds stickers taped to toothpicks to decorate my structure.  I found the Angry Birds pig erasers at Toys R Us.  Check it out!

It wouldn't be an Angry Birds party without an Angry Bird game, so of course my son received the Angry Birds board game and card game as gifts.  Great idea, little sis!  ;)

Last, but not least, my son took a photo with his stuffed bird buddies to create the Thank You cards. 
Here are the other things we did (though, no photo evidence):
--I created my own printable party invitations using Angry Bird images and Publisher.
--I found Angry Bird sticker packs at Walmart which were used for decorations and activities.  I also bought mini spiral notepads which went into the party favor bags along with Angry Bird fruit snacks and candies.
--I purchased the plates, cups and napkins are Party City.
Since throwing this party, I have seen LOTS of cool party ideas online.  Search around and see what you can come up with.  I liked the idea of building Angry Bird structures with cardboard boxes and other household items.  Unfortunately our party was on a cold, January evening and my living room didn't really have the space for that.  But our new home would work well if we decide to recycle this party theme for our younger son! 
Hopefully these ideas inspire you.  Let me know what you use, and how it goes!  Good luck!


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