Saturday, October 16, 2010

A review.

Even though I know that anyone can start a free blog, I feel very blessed that I have the opportunity and the right to express my opinions in a public forum. And for that reason it gives me great pleasure knowing I can share the following review with you all.

I used the cell-phone provider, T-Mobile, for several years and recently switched to another provider. I will NEVER again use T-Mobile. The company is dishonest, and the have no consideration or compassion for customers who have given them both a significant amount of time and money. When the cell phone I purchased broke yet AGAIN (after upwards of 3 or 4 full replacements and another half dozen troubleshoots in the store), I was told that the phone was no longer made/sold and I would have to purchase another phone for near-full price. Considering I was 16 months into the one-year contract I had asked for, I decided to switch and partner with my husband's plan. That's when everything went south... fast. I was flooded with hourly phone calls, and I responded by making my final payment by check. The calls continued and eventually a nice representative let me know that my check was finally received and there would be no more calls. I wish that had been true. It was at that time they began to demand a termination fee. I reasoned that I should be on month-to-month terms and no fee would apply, and they agreed and reversed the fees (and also discovered TWO mis-charges on my bill, and STILL asked me to pay an additional $24 for God-knows-what). Again I was compliant and made the payment and was assured that my account was now closed in good standing. Long story short, the harassing phone calls started up again... I re-explained to more associates.... fees were reversed again... and then un-reversed... and more phone calls, and explaining... and their "Supervisors" refuse to hold true to their word of offering me the contract I asked for, and following through on the fee reversals they promised. Needless to say, while I didn't initially leave on bad terms, I will now never, Ever, EVER return to this company or recommend them to anyone I know.

Apparently I am not the only one with these sorts of issues. Check out THIS blog post I stumbled upon.

And, that's my rant about that.


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